Chasing Light, Dodging Shadows…


Clouds & Rocks…
Out in all weathers…


My work:

I tend to wander off the beaten track to
find a different angle on the everyday.


The choice of subject comes from my interest
in landshape and our connection to the environment.


I enjoy creating images that capture the natural
environment and feel I focus on images that
capture mood through light and composition.


Where does the name come from?

I studied Geology at University.
One of the parts of the course that
I loved was Structural Geology.All the folds in Rocks,
small scale to large scale.Rocks get twisted
and folded
over time and depth.The patterns created can be quite stunning.


Where am I?

I’m based up in the Highlands of Scotland, near Tain.
Although you’ll also find me at:


What photography kit do I use?

I’m not a gear geek, I use what works for me.
I have both a Fujifilm XT1 camera
and a Sony 5100 and my iPhone.
A few lenses (Fujifilm, Sony, Nikon, and some old Minolta lenses),
and lastly filters, flashes, reflectors and tripods.

Where has my work been used?

Over the last few years my work has been used in a number of papers, magazines, websites and blogs;
The Scotsman,
Irish Times,
The List,
The Fly,
DIY (This is fake DIY),
Rave Child,
The List,
The Skinny
The New Yorker,
News of the World


If you would like more information on working with me please get in touch through the contact form.