Land Shapes @ UPSTAIRS.
January 2018.


Many Thanks to Upstairs for the opportunity to display my work. The show was a success and it has greatly increased knowledge of my work in the Inverness and Highlands area.



The exhibition combined two distinct streams of Michael’s work… “In my landscape photography I capture the shape and scale of the land looking at both natural and manmade structures and how they interact. In contrast my more abstract iPhone work is composed of numerous iPhone shots taken across locations, using found patterns, repetition and colour. This exhibition takes the viewer from near my home in Easter Ross all the way up to the far North coast.”


“Most days I walk about with a camera. I tend to wander off the beaten track to find a different angle on the everyday. Being in the outdoors and on location is one of the best parts of my work. I enjoy creating images that capture the natural environment and mood through light and composition. I’m based in the Highlands, although I’m known to go further afield when work or travel gives that opportunity. I’ll take photos at any time of day and weather…”.